The “Technology” business is a very competitive business. However, the term technology covers many things and as a company, you need to define what technology means to your business. In most instances, it is a given that your company will utilize elements of technology, whether it be computers, printers, or even cell phones. What is a lot harder to decide is how to implement technology throughout your business so that you ensure effective utilization. Companies need the right technology, in the right place, used by the right people so that they can be more productive and eliminate waste.

So, how do you decide what your company needs? Well, before you can make that determination, you need to identify two key things.

  1. Your company’s workflow processes
  2. How your customers will fit into that workflow


Workflow is defined as the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion (Dictionary). What does that mean in laymen’s terms? Simply put, how is your product delivered? From the beginning to the end, you must layout everything you do to deliver your product. Keep in mind, that this includes creation and customer interaction. Once your workflow is in place, you are ready to decide how technology will be implemented throughout your company.

The Technical Road

Now that your workflow is in place, it’s time to identify technology offerings that will help you to effectively deliver your product. If a specific technological advance doesn’t help you to move your product or increase productivity, then it is not worth the investment. Let ’s take a look at a sample business so that we can gain a clear understanding of workflow and technology.

Business:  Watch Retailer


For this example, we are going to assume that the idea for a new watch line was created by the company and not the consumer. This will make the workflow process easier to understand. Keep in mind, that workflow processes are determined by the business and no way is correct or incorrect.


This is the process where the company comes up with the plan of action which includes designs, vendors, manufacturers, pricing, costs and a consensus about moving forward.


This is the process by which the manufacturer takes the designs and develops the new product. However, there are times when the product is purchased directly from a vendor in bulk or on an order by order basis.

Transportation and or Delivery

This is the process by which product distribution is considered and implemented. The manufacturer or vendor mails the products to the company or dropships directly to the customers.